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Order Flow

1、 Register and login

         Please click register in top left corner and join us. Then you can buy any products in our website after you sign in.


2、 Look for required items. The three methods are as follows.

  2.1   Move mouse to your needed products column and click it, relative products will list.    

  2.2   After you visit column page, you can click sort below navigation bar, you can find your needed products quickly. You can also compare them, then you can find your favorite products. 

  2.3   Searching keywords is good choice. You can input one or more keywords and click search icon, then any products included the keywords can list. If you are in column page, you just need input one keyword, you can find the products aith keyword in the column only


3、 Purchase the required items

     Click on any products in the list above, enter the product detail page. Enter the purchase quantity, add them to cart by clicking on the icon

4、 Once you confirm all of the required items are included in the shopping cart, select the appropriate express delivery and submit order.


5、  Pay for your orders.

     Click “my order” you can see all of your orders.You can make payment via paypal to finish your order. If you hesitate you can pay it in list of your order.


6、 View your order status

unpaid———————————————make order but no payment

awaiting payment ——————————You can make payment now

stock up ——————————————We are preparing you order

shipped ——————————————We have sent your package


7Tracking your package

    When we have a tracking number of your order my website will send you an email about tracking numbr automatically. Also you can View your order and find out Tracking Number in the bottom of the web page. Delayed one business day after delivery we will have a tracking number. Thank you for your patience