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intel 22nm mobile phone processor next year

Intel 22nm dual-core mobile phone processor market next year

According to foreign media reports, Intel earlier this year released their the Medfield phone processor of the x86 architecture, Intel announced its first dual-core smartphone processor Z2580 will be released later this year, the next generation of smart phone chip "Merrifield" will also be launched in 2013.
Intel announced the plan at its annual investor conference, x86 architecture Medfield mobile processor single-core design. Its more powerful dual-core version of the Z2580 will be released later this year.
In addition, in 2013, Intel will also launch a new generation of mobile processors, new products, a total of two, Merrifield and 6331. Both processors are designed mainly for mobile phones are used 22nm manufacturing process. 6331 for single-core design, mainly for low-end market, while Merrifield is a dual-core processor for high-end smart phone market. The new processor will also match the new design of the GPU to provide a more powerful graphics performance comparable to the current product.