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Apple and HTC reconciliation

Economist: Apple and HTC reconciliation

Economist published an article on Monday (November 12), Apple (Apple), the first time in Taiwan's manufacturing patent battle with Google (Google) Android platform smartphone manufacturers reached a settlement with the beleaguered maker HTC (HTC) has reached a licensing agreement valid for a period of 10 years.

Taiwan yesterday morning, HTC and Apple announced that "to reach a settlement on a global scale, including the withdrawal of all litigation.

The agreement covers both companies and the future holds patents, although specific terms were not disclosed, but it means that, in the process of the Court of disputes, the two companies will no longer be subject to the lock-up threat.

Industry analysts said the move to allow Apple to concentrate energy and Samsung (Samsung), a lawsuit and competition. Apple in the global range of Samsung initiated a series of lawsuits, accusing the latter in many ways mimic the iPhone's design.

Apple CEO Tim? Cook (Tim Cook) said: "We are very pleased with the HTC reached a settlement, we will continue to focus on product innovation."

Apple had earlier patent licensing agreements reached with Nokia (Nokia) and Microsoft (Microsoft), Samsung, Google's the Motorola (Motorala) and several other companies of a number of prosecution is still in progress.

With HTC Android platform mobile phone market, Samsung claimed market share, the Taiwanese company recently increased use in the development of Microsoft's Windows Phone platform equipment.

The HTC CEO Peter Chou (Peter Chou), said: "HTC is glad to resolve the dispute with Apple, so we will be able to focus on the point from the transfer of proceedings to innovation will come up."